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This is an extra-credit survey worth 15 extra-credit points.

As you know, this is my first quarter teaching in Canvas and I am still "playing" with all the features offered by this new LMS. I am really curious to hear your feedback on how Canvas is working for you and specifically in this class.

This is a 31 questions survey. Most questions are true/false or multiple choice with a few open-ended questions. The survey  shows as a "graded survey"  worth 0 points. I will actually manually enter 15 points for each of you who will take it by the due date (June 3rd 11:59 pm).  I need the responses by then as I will be using them not only to plan my summer courses but also as data for an assessment project for a faculty learning community on Canvas that I participated in this year.

Your candid responses - which will stay anonymus and won't be linked to your name, not even for me- will be VERY helpful!

Thank you for taking this survey!

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